System Analysis and Assessment

Not sure if the systems you have in place are appropriate for your needs? PTMO can help you evaluate what you are currently working with, what you should expect from your data management system, and what options are available to you.о.

Database Selection and Implementation

Is your organization considering making a change to your data management system? PTMO can help guide you through the potholes and pitfalls that every organization faces when beginning a major overhaul to their database.

Use PTMOs experience and knowledge of the help you select, implement, and use the data management system that is most appropriate for your organization’s needs.

PTMO is an independent and objective third-party that represents no particular data management, but has successful working relationships with many software vendors.

System Design and Testing

Databases are complex systems and even the best system will have bugs or design issues.

Whether you’ve just installed a new data management system, or are adding new functionality to an existing system, PTMO can help design and test your systems to ensure that the product you’re getting best serves your needs, and the needs of your employees and customers.

Effective Database Management and Implementation

Business intelligence is a management process for using data to make decisions. How much data does your organization currently manage?

Are you using that data to help you make decisions about who to market to, what to market to them, and what new products and services you should be developing?

PTMO can help you develop and implement an effective business intelligence program that will ensure that your organization leverages all of its data and gets the greatest return on investment from your database and your data.